A 30 story school built sideways by Mr. McFickzer. There is not 19th story.


1st story.Princapal's office, bathrooms, water fountains, and administration office

2nd story.Ballroom

3rd story Kindergarten class

4th story.Dr. Pickell's office

7th story.Library

12th story Teacher's Longue

15th story.Lunchroom

16th story Auditorium

18th story [[Mrs. Mame]'s room

19th storyMiss Zarves's class (nonexistent)

20th story Mr. Mystique,s office

23rd story.Mr. Franklin's class

24th story Nurse's Office

28th story The Gym

29th story.Miss Worm's class

30th story.Mrs. Jewels's class (originally Mrs. Gorf's)


Mr. Kidswatter: Principal

Mrs. Jewels: 2nd/3rd grade teacher

Louis: Yard teacher

Mr. Franklin: 4th grade teacher

Miss Worm: 6th grade teacher

Dr. Pickell: School Counseler

Miss Zarves: (nonexistent) 2nd/3rd grade teacher

Former staff Edit



12:30 to 1:30 Art

1:30 to 2:00

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