Terrence Harding is a boy in Mrs. Jewels class. He is a good athlete but a bad sport. His voice is like a rusty drain pipe. He always makes insults that rhyme and wears a hat.  He's considered a bully. Todd could possibly be his best friend. He could also possibly be in love with Rondi because she stood up to him.


1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Terrence fell out of his chair and was turned into an apple.

7. Calvin: In the story of Calvin, Terrence laughs at Calvin and tells him to take a note to the 19th story.

11. Dana: In the story of Dana, Terrence says he's too hungry to do arithmetic. Although he could've been lying he stills says he's still hungry.

21. Ron: In the story of Ron, Terrence wouldn't let Ron play kickball.  When Louis came over Terrence still wouldn't let him play and hogged the ball.  When Louis said he couldn't have the ball, Terrence let finally Ron play but said he get's to pitch.  

22. The Three Erics: In the story