Rondi Freener is a girl with blonde hair and 24 beautiful teeth. Originally she was missing her 2 front teeth, the most beautiful teeth of all. Everyon thinks her nonexisisting front teeth are so cute. Once, she regrows her teeth. She thinks no one will think she's cute so she has a vote to see if Terrence should knock them out. But in the end she decides to keep her front teeth, in addition for them being cute they're also good for biting carrots. She also might be in love with Terrence. Her best friend is Allison.


11. Dana: In the story of Dana, Rondi raised her hand and answered Mrs. Jewels' question to three mosquito bites plus three mosquito bites. That's six mosquito bites.

12. Jason: In the story of Jason, Rondi is constantly giggling with Allison. They also tickle Jason making him laugh till his hair turned purple.

13. Rondi: First focusing story

14. Sammy: In the story of Sammy, Rondi says she glad that Sammy isn't in class after Mrs. Jewls threw him away. Rondi didn't like him that much.

16. D.J.: In the story of D.J., Rondi smiles along with the rest of the class when she sees D.J. and Dameon smiling. She had a very cute smile due to her front teeth missing and it made Jason begin to smile.

21. Ron: In the story of Ron, Rondi flocked around Jenny, along with Allison and Leslie, and was amazed that she beat Louis at hopscotch.

22. The Three Eric's