Joy Juggins is a girl in Mrs. Jewels' class. She has the biggest mouth in class, even bigger than Jason's. She likes to annoy boys, especially Todd (who she may have a crush on). She is quite naughty but she learns from her mistakes, at least most of the time. Her best friend is Maurecia and she is the very first friend that Sue makes at Wayside School. She's also said to be ugly.


3. Joe: In the story of Joe, Joy asks what wrong with him. Then she laughs when she finds out that Joe doesn't know how to count.

5. Todd: In the story of Todd, Joy constantly asks Todd which page he's on. First she taps Todd on the shoulder and tells him he's on page eleven while he's on page four. Five minutes later Joy tapped Todd on the shoulder again but Todd ignored her, so she poked him in the back with her pencil but that didn't work either, so she sharpened her pencil and poked him on the back which made Todd respond that he's on page five while she's on page twenty-nine. Another five minutes later Joy pulls Todd's hair until he tells her he's on page six, Joy shouts that she's on page two hundred making Todd angry and having a check on his name. Then when Todd gave Joy's workbook to the robbers Joy complained that she didn't have a workbook then had to start all the way back at the beginning which stunk for her. But she still cheered for Todd when he left.

12. Jason: In the story of Jason, Joy is caught chewing gum in class. As revenge for telling on her, she put all the gum on Jason's seat while he was up, this made her gave her her third strike. Later after she apologized she helped get Jason unstuck by kissing him. Thus, having her named erased from the board.

13. Rondi: In the story of Rondi, Joy comments on how she loves her nonexistent hat.

14. Sammy: In the story of Sammy, Joy tells Mrs. Jewels to send him home on the kindergarten bus.

15. Deedee: In the story of Deedee, Joy is getting ready to play jump rope with Maurecia when Deedee comes over to play with them. They were thrilled but Deedee was still bummed that she was stuck again with the red ball.

27. Joy: First focusing story.

29. Stephen: In the story of Stephen, Joy shouted "That's wrong" when Mrs. Jewls wrote two plus two equal five on the board.