Bebe Gunn is a short brown haired girl on the 30th story with a little beebee nose. Her toes were totally tiny and her eyes were big and brown. She is the fastest draw in class. Bebe is nice but sometimes a little naughty or selfish. According to Mrs. Gunn, Bebe is an only child.


6. Bebe: focusing story

11. Dana: In the story of Dana, Bebe correctly answers Mrs. Jewels' question of what is five mosquito bites times two, that's ten mosquito bites.

28. Nancy: In the story of Mac (30th Story), Bebe says she is nice to see Mac after he traded names.

30. Louis: In the story of Louis, Bebe asks Louis if he's going to tell the class a story. Then she warns him it better be good. Later, she demands to tell Louis about the kids at the school in the story.