(We see Wayside school and how tall it is, then we go to Sue looking at it amazed)

Sue: Wow, it really is thirty stories tall.

(Louis comes out the glass door)

Sue: Hey, you're Louis, the yard teacher!

(Sue runs up to him a Louis notices her)

Louis: Uh, yes and you are?

Sue: Sue, I'm here to join the class on the 30th story.

Louis: Oh that's great new kids are always fun.

Sue: I know I read your book.

Louis: What?

Sue: Your book, sideways stories from wayside school. It's my favorite book and I decided to come to this school.

Louis: Do even know what work you have to do here?

Sue: Yeah all anybody ever has to do at wayside school is eat ice cream, draw pictures, and watch movies about turtles.

Louis: That's just what the other kids said in my ten thousands letters. Look I'll just write another book explaining the type of work, it's sideways arithmetic.

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